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Restaurant Valet Parking

Park Inc. provides a versatile valet service for the restaurant clientele that both acclimates itself to the specific needs of the establishment and consistently evolves with the changing environment. Our company will add value to your restaurant with minimal involvement on your part. Zone Supervisors check on every single location at the beginning of each shift, checking on appearance standards, equipment, staffing coverage and addressing client concerns. Collectively, our team of restaurant valet attendants provides a pool of labor that ensures the availability of additional coverage at short notice. Park Inc. will provide customized signs and materials with your logo, and we add to the convenient service the security of portable lock boxes and designated parking areas for every location. Our attendants are trained to be alert, visible and ready to help your customers with anything, clearly advertising your values on the curb.

Park Inc Clients Cedar Pond Farms

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Park Inc.
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Phone: (704) 377-1755

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