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Convention Center Parking Solutions

For visitors navigating the vast parking and building complexes of the modern convention center, parking facilities become a huge factor in their schedule. A smoothly running parking operation is invaluable for out of town travelers unfamiliar with the city, conventioneers who’ve spent a long day on their feet, and visitors carrying supplies and equipment.

Whether you’re looking to outsource operations completely or augment your own staff, Park Inc. offer years of experience in parking lot and garage management, valet services, and shuttle services. We will coordinate with your employees to provide the parking coverage appropriate for your locale, clientele and business model. We utilize a computerized system to track parking revenue and generate reports formatted to meet your specifications and accounting needs.

Our valet services also offer computerized remote retrieval service. This allows customers to be picked up from different locations at the convention center, rather than having to return to the valet station. Valet staff can even help visitors load and unload their vehicles.

No matter what parking solutions you choose, Park Inc. staff will present a professional, assuring first impression to arriving convention goers. Our staff’s rigorous cross-training at a variety of facilities makes them ready for any emergency.

Park Inc offers convenience, safety, great customer service, and time-saving features for you and your customers. To learn more about our complete suite of convention center parking solutions, contact Park Inc. for a no-obligation consultation today.


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