Valet Parking Management Service

Valet Parking Management Service

First impressions are often the most important impressions for your hospital, restaurant, shopping mall, hospital, or outpatient clinic. Nothing makes a more lasting first impression on your customers than a friendly, professional curbside valet parking service.

Advantages of Outsourced Valet Parking Management Service

Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and airports are often located in crowded urban settings that lack adequate parking facilities. Offering a valet parking service to patients, patrons, and business travelers does more than create a certain quality of experience. Valet parking service can improve your businesses bottom line by attracting additional revenue, both from parking fees and from the additional dollars spent by customers while patronizing your business. What’s more, by outsourcing and working with a company that specializes in valet parking service, you are free to concentrate on your own business, while leaving parking management to the experts. Chances are good that a company that specializes in valet parking solutions will do the job more efficiently, and for less money than if you implement a valet parking service in-house

Hospital Valet Parking Service Company

Full service, curbside hospital and out-patient clinic valet parking, with wheelchair assistance, directional and information assistance will make a lasting impression on your patients and guests from the moment they arrive at your front door. Our valet parking teams are often the point of first and last contact with your facility. Extensive training and rigorous employee screening insures that all of your patients and guests have a positive experience each time they visit your medical facility.

Airport Valet Parking Services

Valet parking service is one of the most convenient amenities an airport can provide, because the service allows both long-term and transient customers to drive straight to the terminal and avoid the congestion of high-volume parking areas. Our computer system will alert our attendants when a customer’s flight is expected to arrive so the wait time is reduced. Our curbside valet parking staff is trained to quickly load and unload vehicles and provide directions, airport policies, and embarking expectations. We also provide ancillary services to the valet customer such as car washes and details, oil changes and vehicle inspections at reasonable rates. In larger airports, prompt and complimentary terminal shuttle services from our valet parking areas can mean the difference between a long walk and possible missed flight and a relaxed travel experience.

Hotel and Resort Valet Parking

There’s no better way to begin a hotel or resort guest’s stay than with valet parking services provided by Park Inc. Prompt, courteous, professional curbside valet parking service makes a lasting first impression on your guests.

Valet Service for Restaurants

Park Inc provides a versatile valet parking service for the restaurant clientele that both acclimates itself to the specific needs of the establishment and consistently evolves with the changing environment. Valet parking service adds value to your restaurant by creating an upscale image, and by increasing patronage and revenue. Restaurants in crowded urban settings where parking is in short supply benefit greatly from valet parking service.

Retail Valet Parking

Make your customer’s next trip to your mall or retail establishment more than more than just a shopping trip. Retail valet parking offers more than just convenience. Valet parking service creates a retail experience that sets your establishment apart from the competition.

Valet Parking for Special Events

For corporate meetings, charity functions, weddings, concerts or sporting events, Park Inc offers premiere valet parking service for all your special event parking needs. Whether the function is at your home or something as large as a convention center, we can provide catered valet parking service and a well-trained team of experienced and responsive individuals.

Interested in learning More About How Valet Parking Can Improve Your Customer Service?

Park Inc offers a wide range of valet parking solutions custom designed to fit the needs of your customers, patrons, and guests. Create an experience and an impression that stays with your guests and projects the values of your business. Customer convenience and increased revenue go hand-in-hand. Ready to learn more about how valet parking can take your business to the next level? Consult our Valet Parking FAQ page, or contact the valet parking service experts at Park Inc for a quote today!

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