Shuttle Bus Service

Shuttle Bus Services

For businesses servicing large amounts of real estate and requiring offsite parking lots, such as convention centers, golf courses and airports, Park Inc’s shuttle bus service can be an ideal parking solution.

In airports, for example, complimentary shuttle bus services can mean the difference between a rushed, anxious walk through endless terminals, and a relaxed travel experience. At convention centers, visitors carrying baggage or equipment will appreciate not having to traverse acres of asphalt to get to their vehicle.

We have provided shuttle bus services for all types of events and facilities and will tailor services to your operations requirements and industry regulations. We’ll work with you to determine the optimum number of staff to keep wait times as short as possible and will always have a large pool of backup employees available for emergency coverage.

Our shuttle bus drivers are rigorously trained and professional and will be able to give your customers and guests directions and other information should they need it. On-call managers are available at all times for any emergencies that crop up.

Park Inc has 18 years of experience providing parking solutions that help your business maximize profitability without sacrificing customer service. For more information about our shuttle bus services, contact Park Inc. today.


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