Virginia – The Old Dominion

Virginia’s nickname, The Old Dominion may sound outdated, but let’s remember that Jamestown was the place where Captain John Smith established the first English settlement in 1607. Many of the original settlers died from starvation the first winter. Fortunately in the spring, the remaining settlers were filled with joy when they saw ships bringing new settlers with food and supplies. So Virginia’s nickname represents the new country, its people’s perseverance, strength, and will to live. All those qualities stand the test of time.

Virginia has interesting places within its state lines; too many to mention them all here. In Arlington, the Military Cemetery is a testament to the lives that have been given to preserve America’s freedom. Here the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier keeps its light burning bright. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is the world’s largest bridge-tunnel complex and connects the cities of Cape Charles and Norfolk.

Park Inc is a leading company that provides parking management. We are headquartered in the Southeast and proudly serve our clients in Virginia by designing customized parking lot and parking garage management solutions.

We provide the following professional parking services in Virginia:

  • Airport Parking and Shuttle Service
  • Hospital and Medical Center Parking Management
  • Hotel Garage and Valet Parking
  • Parking Lot/Parking Garage Management Services
  • Restaurant Valet Service
  • Retail Parking Management
  • Special Event Parking

Park Inc strives to make your customers’ parking experience an easy and pleasant one.  Whether your business requires parking lot management or personalized valet service, or anything in between, Park Inc is ready to assist by taking the worry out of parking for both you and your customers.

We have locations in numerous cities throughout Virginia. We use our expertise gained over many years of experience to create a parking lot or parking garage management solution for your business. Bottom of Form

Park Inc Coverage Areas in Virginia Include:

  • Alexandria, VA
  • Hampton, VA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Arlington, VA
  • Lynchburg, VA
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Centreville, VA
  • Newport News, VA
  • Suffolk, VA
  • Chesapeake, VA
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Virginia Beach, VA

So whether you need a short-term or long-term parking solution for your large or small business, Park Inc has plenty of experienced staff members to help you eliminate your parking challenges and make your business more efficient.

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