Key Reasons to Offer Valet Parking: Difficult Parking Situations

As a business owner or property manager, hearing “We took one look at the crowded parking lot and headed for home” is a haunting phrase because it means your customer intended to patronize your business, but they never made it out of their car.  Equally troubling is “We thought about going downtown, but the parking is always such a mess.”  In this last scenario, your valued customer never left their home. Are you losing potential customers due to a difficult parking situation?  Are your guests spending too much time looking for a place to park or walking to your business?  The lack of plentiful and convenient parking can be a major deterrent to new customers, discourage existing customers from returning, and negatively impact your opportunity to generate revenue.

We often encounter situations where a lack of parking is a major issue for a client.  These include:

  • Hilly terrain that makes it difficult for guests to walk to a facility
  • Too few physical parking spaces available in a parking lot
  •  Very long walks from a parking area

Valet parking can be a valuable resource that reduces the headache of a difficult parking situation and allows your customers to enter your business faster and with no stress- resulting in a more pleasant customer experience.  Valet tells customers that they are valued and that your business is committed to customer satisfaction.  You can even offer valet parking in the most cramped quarters.  If physical spaces do not exist to house valet-parked cars at your location, we will work with you to identify nearby areas that may be suitable.  Best of all, valet parking service is more affordable than you might think.

Don’t let a difficult parking situation stand in the way of operating a profitable business.  The parking experts at Park Inc will consult with your business, conduct a site visit, and determine the best solution to remedy your parking woes.  We’ll establish valet parking service that eases parking concerns and emphasizes drop-off and retrieval speed. …all while keeping safety and a pleasant guest experience at the forefront.  To learn more about effective solutions to remedy your parking challenges and how valet can help your business grow, contact Park Inc for a no-obligation consultation or quote.

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